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A selection of our
portfolio companies


The professional drone inspection solution for confined spaces

Safer and faster inspections, shorter asset shutdowns or production interruptions.


Process analytical technology for nanoparticles

Unique nanoparticle characterization; inline and real-time measurement in flow


The smartest and cheapest way to charge your car

Instead of wasting renewable energy, Stekker unlocks flexibility to make good use of it.

Loop Robots

Superhuman tools. Robots, for humans.

Loop Robots automates disinfection using smart robots to make hospital grade sanitization faster, safer, and digitally auditable.

Freedom Internet

Safe and free internet.

Veilig, vrij en goed internet voor en door bewuste mensen


A revolutionary step towards faster and more accessible testing

By applying nanotechnology, photonics and machine learning, it brings a new type of diagnostics to a world desperately in need for 21st century solutions.


Illuminating therapeutics & research tools

Developing new therapeutic solutions to improve patient’s function and long-term outcomes with oral cancer.

Atriva Therapeutics

First-in-class host-targeting antiviral therapies.

Host-targeting antiviral therapies. against severe respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19 and influenza. MEK-Inhibitors have shown a superior antiviral activity by blocking viral replication.


Make the Digital Feel Real.

Boost the immersion of the digital world, using nothing but your own hand.


Digital transformation for analysis of movement disorders.

Moveshelf is bringing digital transformation to orthopeadics, neurology and rehabilitation for quantitative data and video storage, processing and interactive reporting.

Kipaji Scholarship Fund

Education is the passport to the future.

Kipaji Scholarship Fund - helping students all across the world with the potential but not the means to study at University of Twente - and to then bring all those learnings with them back home.

Sword Health

Musculoskeletal Care done right.

The first Digital Therapist ever. The most effective way to treat Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Ampyx Power

Utility Scale Airborne Wind Energy Systems.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the production of wind energy.


Food in balance with nature.

The leading insect company. Protix is the market leader for verifiable and scalable insect breeding. To change the food system, Protix delivers a quality product and a reliable output.


Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions.

Fiber optic interferometry and state-of-the-art mechatronics. The highest bandwidth, the highest sensitivity.


Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions.

Extremely user-friendly, fully integrated multimodal SPECT, PET and CT imaging technology that provides simultaneously sub-mm resolution PET and SPECT acquisition


3D motion tracking technology.

Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Its sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world.